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1. Summary
I like living in France, I love living in Versailles. I like working at Technocentre Renault with my colleagues, I love chatting with my friends in kitchen at my apartment, especially eating a “petit gâteau” with a girl I’m interested in (Yes! I’m little kidding!). As it is said that “Happiness is sharing one umbrella” I possibly am sharing true happiness with my colleagues, friends and others in France now.

To be honest I have not imagined that I can open up to living abroad as I felt a lot of difficulties in language school and passed tough time in Versailles several months ago. But now I feel as if I changed for another person and I wish this time lasts forever.

2. Host company
I get up at seven o'clock and take a one-minute-breakfast, and then I go out and take the 7:30 bus to go to Technocentre Renault, my working place. After I get to my office, I go around to my colleagues to say “Hello” as usual. After checking email, I’ll take pause-café as usual with usual members to communicate and to concentrate for today’s task.

After morning task, we go eating at 11:30. We pass other teams’ office to ask eating. Usually I take a pan, cheese, salad and rice, etc... We chat on the table but it is hard time for me because their chat topics are always “Movie”, “Music”, “Television”, it’s true that I’m not good at listening French but I also have to learn French culture to understand their story.

My afternoon will start with the (second) pause-café at 13:00. Now that I cannot work without cafe, I’m thinking that this pause-café is fundamental for my job (very serious). Well, after a three-hour job, we take the (third) pause-café again. When I lose interesting to computer simulation, I’ll do some experiments. When I’m tired of doing experiment, I’ll work in front of computer. Sometimes I help Nicolas’ task (measurement or simulation). Fortunately I have enough part-time-jobs so I’m feeling I’m needed in my team.

Normally I leave my office at 20:00. After shopping at supermarket, I finally get back to my room. It’s not so easy to live and work abroad. But I don’t think it’s a stressful work, let’s say it is very interesting discovery and also adventure.

3. Living in Versailles
My second life of the day starts with “Salue! Tu a bien??” at public kitchen. As I don’t know cooking, I always prepare spaghetti or noodle. As there is someone there normally I chat with them while cooking (I like it!). Also there is a girl I usually eat with together. Last weekend she prepared crepe so this week I prepared Japanese crepe called Okonomiyaki. After we eat Okonomiyaki, We had a small cake which I bought on the day. While I was watching her having the cake happily, I felt full of happiness.

4. General impression
After dinner, now I’m writing a demand for my university and tutor to extend my stay more a year. Maybe I'll write about this in next monthly report.
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