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>> Monthly Report [October] En

1. Summary
Mid-term-meeting at Brussels on 13 October was a good occasion for me to understand/know what they Vulcanus fellows are doing at this moment in their town. To be honest, Mid-term-meeting is in itself of little consequence but we enjoyed drinking till dawn with chatting, discussing about each situation and experience. Six months has passed quickly since the Brussels seminar of April 3-4. After that we parted and scattered in all directions, in European countries. Each one lives in each town, each one takes each training ship at each company. There is no one who takes same Vulcanus Programme and each one has each Vulcanus Programme. To each his/her own, it’s “Vulcanus Programme”.

Having listened to their brave/serious/impressive/comical stories, I realized once again, they Vulcanus fellows are really awesome!! and it’s my great pleasure to be in this party right now. Anyway through that meeting, I also understood what I’m lacking, what I can develop. It’s time to settle down to my own business!

2. Host company
Little by little, my one-man research subject that started in August grows and when I noticed, it had become one small project. Of course, project leader is me. This week I made/had 3 presentations and discussed with several persons as there is no one who understands my subject better than me so "I" have to explain to my colleagues to carry out experiments and simulations.

When I decide/confirm the directionality of my study, I discuss with my tutors Olivier and Nicola. When I decide/consider the measurement method/system, I have a talk with Mickaél who also works as apprentice in same team. When I perform series of experiment, I ask Pascal and Michèle who are technicians of our team. When I’m struggling with simulation software and want to take a break, I turn off my PC then after l5 minutes' walk there is Mélamine who is expert of vibration simulation. It takes a long time to get what I want to do across to the colleagues but it’s really good opportunity for me to learn how I can communicate with people smoothly. My preparation of meeting documents has continued today...

3. Living in Versailles
After the Mid-term-meeting, I restarted learning French as I was inspired by language ability of other Vulcanus fellows. There is small language school near my apartment and I'm learning French for four hours per week there. When I restarted learning French, I noticed that I had forgotten French a lot!! I'm not sure whether I’ll use French or not in the future but to enjoy my life in France, I'm going to learn French.

4. General impression
Now I’m really into my research subject. At the same time I have to think about my future plan, I mean I have to search/decide my future job. To be honest I was willing to look for my future job here in Europe but for now I’m going to concentrate my current job of Renault. I don’t know what would be happed after this task but for now I want to use all of my energy for it and achieve a successful outcome for my team for myself.
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