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>> Monthly Report [September] En

1. Summary
While I was drinking 1000 times as much alcohol as I had in Japan in Amboise, I’m drinking 1000 times as much “cafe” as I had in Japan in Technocentre Renault. Little by little I’m getting used to Renault. As the second month after my entrance into the company came around, things I had not been able to see are coming into my view. Having understood a company called Renault, I understood “what I will be able to do here” “what I should now be doing”.

2. Host company
Today, I’m recognizing that I’m working in an “automobile company”. While I worked for production technique department at Toyota, I’m working for technical development department at Renault. I'll be scolded by production technique engineer if I say “technical development department is a flower of automobile company”, but it has been a longed-for department for me.

There are a lot of measurement equipments, prototypes and benchmark-cars. We are creating objects called automobile from zero!! I’m very happy to be in this environment. I’m looking forward to passing a benchmark-car parking which is located on the way to bus station because everyday I can see different rare cars. Additionally I can see wide variety of documents and projects on company’s web-site or in meetings. Design materials, project management sheets, engineering data, all of things make me full of curiosity. In Japan, there are only a few long term internships in automobile company so I'm very glad that I came here solely for learning what automobile company is doing.

3. Training subject
This month my training subject has finally started in earnest. There are two kinds of task called “Métier (everyday work)” and “Etude (temporary research task)” In Renault and my task is; if anything; an “étude”. I often have to work alone but at same time I’m learning what our team, our company is doing while I’m surrounded by my colleagues.

Now I’m really interested in working in project like “métier”. As I have an experience that I established and ran a formula car project when I was student at university I know the difficulty of working with a lot of people, making a consensus in a team. So things how we go on ahead with a project is what I can/must/want to truly learn in a big automobile company Renault. Now I have no intention of waiting for a favorable opportunity and I know what I should now be doing to get an opportunity.

4. Living in Versailles
Little by little I’m becoming a “Versailles lover” (and “Paris lover”). My favorite pastime is walking around the town on weekend. I like walking along small path and walking in the palace Versailles. I’ll visit all of Versailles in this opportunity. Talking about other leisure activity, to my regret I have not found my interesting yet. But after mid term meeting I’m seriously going to look for something.

5. General impression
It is always difficult for me to communicate/understand with my colleagues because they are always making jokes! The other day my colleague taught me a French proverb “Qui aime bien, châtie bien.” (in English “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” meaning we should give children some difficulty to bring up them as good adult) when I was confused by French jokes. I want to be good French speaker with their aide.
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