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1. Summary
First one month of my internship has finished in an instant. At first I was confused about French business culture (long vacances, long cafe time, long meeting while eating cake). But little by little, I’m getting used to the atmosphere of Renault, understanding the esprit of France.

This month I did one series of experiment and finished writing some technical reports (this month I sometimes remembered a proverb “gasin-syoutan” meaning having tough period to achieve own my object) so I’m almost satisfied with my working environment as my intern program was well organized. On the other hand I’m always worried about my decision of coming to France. Working abroad will be good experience, but what I want to achieve is not good experience but one thin path toward Formula1.

2. Host company
Fifteen minutes from Versailles by bus, my place of work “Technocentre Renault” is there in Guyancourt, design and development headquarter of Renault which was established ten years ago having modern buildings and high-tech instruments. Today over ten thousand employees work on production of automobile under a modern designed roof which has leaks, with instrumentals which are about to break down. Talking of outdoor escalators, those are now just steep stairs (already out of order).

In Technocentre, some work while watching Youtube or listening to music, others work while looking for one’s own apartment. Some people go home at 4pm and there is almost no one at 7pm in office. Friendly atmosphere, cheerful people, this is “the French company” so to speak (4 times cafe breaks [4 x 20 min] per day are world record!!). When I worked for Toyota, the office was like battlefield. There was no friendly atmosphere, fragile people were about to get sick and be unable to work, toilets were always full with sleeping people, but people were working with great enthusiasms so I liked Toyota’s atmosphere. I don’t know which way is the good way of work but I cannot completely get used to the French business culture yet.

3. Living in Versailles
Versailles is the town which was developed for Versailles palace. The town is always bustling with tourists. People are coming and going busily in the town and trash is lying around in the street. Now I’m living in Versailles. I don’t care for this type of town but fortunately I like my apartment. I’m living in a foyer which is provided for young workers. There are shower, toilet, small fridge, bed and some furniture in my room but as there is not kitchen in my room, I have to go to public kitchen every evening. Whenever I go there, they are there, funny companions. Whenever I get really tired and depressed, their calls “Bon soir! ça va?” makes me feel better. It’s my daily pleasure.

4. General impression
Recently I’m always thinking about my actual situation or future. Of course my matter of concern is my career plan toward Formula1. To be honest, I don’t think that working for Renault, working in France lead to Formula1 directly. What should I do? What can I do? The more I think deeply, the more I’m confused deeply. Becoming Formula1 engineer is extremely difficult for Japanese in fact. In short, I have to move myself, I have to seize chances. Working in Europe is the best opportunity to approach Formula1 I’ll ever get

When I walk around Technocentre, I can hear complaints toward Nissan (Nissan engineers are always difficult, Renault and Nissan relationship always doesn’t work, Comme d’habitude,,,). Nine years has passed after start the relationship between Renault and Nissan, but you can notice real situation here. The problem is lack of “communication” between Renault engineer and Nissan engineer. There is something I can do as a Japanese Renault engineer. Now there are several situations which make me happy (working abroad in automobile company, new culture), which make me interested (Nissan, Formula1) and which I makes me depressed (Renault or living alone) around me. When I manage all of that, when I solve such complicated puzzle well, I will be able to catch a glimpse of thin path toward formula1. All of things are once-in-a-lifetime chance!!
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