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1. Summary
After finish my language course, I’m still living with my host family in Amboise as I demanded to extend my stay 1 more week. I don’t have any lessons but fortunately I can take advantage of learning tools at language school so it’s good opportunity for me to review the lessons from zero. 4 months ago, I came here with a grand ambition; to take one step closer to building my career in Formula1. But considering the record of the past 4 months, I hadn’t had a second to think for tomorrow and I was really busy living one day at a time.

Finally, my language course in Amboise was completely different from what I had imagined. But everything, every moment I experienced made my humanity advanced. On the other hand, I regret not having acted toward my objective so finding a concrete goal and having steady effort will be my assignment in the next step.

2. Host family
It was a lucky thing for me that I could live with other students this month. At the beginning of July, a Spaniard Maria came to our house and we passed 2 weeks together. Now I’m living with a Brazilian Hugo who is very comical and kind. As I had been only one student in my house, now I’m satisfied with today’s living because living and speaking with them help me well to improve my French.

I’m pleased to live with my host family for 4 months. My host family was like my home base in France so I cannot imagine how I could manage my first living abroad without them. I passed not only blessed time but also tough period with them but finally I’m sure that I’m one member of them. At the same time I felt the importance of my family of Japan. In spite of long distance and long missing time, we are closer than usual because this distance taught me strongly what my family is, what my family had been for me. I would love to say “Thanks” to all of my family!!

3. Language course
Eurocentres where I attended for 4 months was not only just my language school but also a place where I learned about life. It was amazing experience for me to meet and speak with several people who are from all over the world. Their directionality and domain are not all the same, however we resembled each other in being high flyer and having a concrete dream and Eurocentres was a place where these ambitious people gathered as their pass points. It was very short term but I’m pleased to be there and I’m sure everything I heard, I discussed, I thought with them enhance my life greatly. Possibly these 4 months was a school of human life.

4. General impression
I came here with my ambition which I concluded after my 22-year life of Japan, however it was tough to go straight toward my objective because I absorbed huge things such as knowledge, philosophy, and humanity from everyone who I met in France. Having learned such things, my objective was also shaken. At the same time, these 4 months were the time to take back my humanity. I laughed, cried and thought heartily with my friends. Though I didn’t cry at all when I left Japan, my family and my friend, now I really miss my friends of Amboise who were there whenever I was in difficulty. Having touched personal warmth of them, I could possibly open my heart which had been closed for longtime.

At last, I passed amazing time in Amboise but I'll never tell that I have succeeded in my original goal of language course as I neglected daily duty. I’ll face a lot of new interesting experiences at RENAULT, but not missing an own my way to achieve my goal will be the most important thing. I have to take one step forward from language course.

4. Other
Thanks to my supervisor, I had finally found an apartment in Versailles. My internship will be start on 4th August. It’s clear that these 2 months will be very tough but I’ll do my best.
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