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1. Summary
When I left Japan, my grandfather who had been in Manchuria during the war said to me that we could realize own my human nature by living abroad and seeing oneself objectively. After first two months of living abroad I’m keenly aware of his meaning. Possibly I had been strongly conscious of being Japanese in first two months but when I felt solitude, when I felt like speaking with a lot of people, and when I made efforts for it, I broke through the wall between Japanese and other nationality. At same time I understood people I’m talking are not French, Brazilian and Swiss but an individual. After I accepted them, I could catch a glimpse of my human nature and problems I have to solve.

2. Host family
It was clear that my passive attitude for communication was a big problem because my host family and friends always suggest me to speak a lot. From this month I started a presentation “Introduction to Japan” for my host family as a desperate measure because I really didn’t know what I should talk. It’s like “five minutes presentation” and I’m introducing Japan (culture, history, politics, etc) everyday after dinner. It’s still difficult to do presentation in French and also it takes huge of time to prepare but fortunately my host family listens to my presentation willingly, at the same time I’m having fun this presentation as my daily pleasure. When I come to think of it, I was not good at speaking but I liked to delight others. In order to delight others I made effort and being able to make maximum effort to delight others was my merit. After I finished my first “terrible” presentation, my host father Jean who always doesn’t talk to me a lot gave me an encouraging word like “You will be a good French speaker by the time you leave here”. When I heard his word I felt that my human nature was accepted by him. At same time I realized that the most important thing was that to find out own my way which doesn’t fit into the mold called nationality but every individual has each one, and my true human nature would be accepted wherever I am. Now I believe myself.

3. Language course
As I’m Japanese I get along well with Japanese after all. As I’m Japanese it’s difficult to learn French. As I’m Japanese I’m passive and don’t speak a lot. “As I’m Japanese…” had been my excuses when I faced problems. But after finding out my style and seeing myself as one individual instead of Japanese, I could change my consciousness and understand my problem I have to solve. At first, the fear of communication with different nationalities was clearly lost as I became to see them as an individual. Second, I could understand that my true problem of my timidity was lack of my French. Now I have no excuse.

4. Visit to a company
At the beginning of Jun I visited RENAULT. My first impression of my working place was very very satisfaction because of interesting study, kind people, prepared surroundings. At first I was worried about my communication ability but thanks to their follow-up by using English, I could deep my understanding of study and explain them my objectives this year. Through this meeting, I gained my confidence for this year’s internship. But at same time, I recognized the difference between what I could achieve in RENAULT and what I want to achieve in Europe this year. If I work for Renault for eight months, the fact would remain on my resume, but I want to achieve beyond it.

5. Other
Thanks to the aid from my supervisor, I’m applying for an accommodation which is prepared for young workers. My documents are still being considered but the decision will be informed in this week at the earliest. Also I’m looking for some other possibilities personally but it still doesn’t bear fruit.
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