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1. Summary
I have dreamed of being a Formula1 engineer since I was a child and my objective in this year’s Vulcanus Program is to expand the opportunities for Formula1 as well as to enhance my engineering competence. At the end of this program I would like to decide on my path in Formula1 engineer. Anyway my first two months of language course has flashed by. Having had new experiences, I already find I am changing and I am sure my life will never be the same.

2. Language course
My first part of the Vulcanus Program is to study French in Amboise for 4 months then I’ll do my internship at RENAULT in Versailles for 8 months. At the training in RENAULT, my objective is to be offered a job offer because it will take me one step closer to building my career in Formula1. To achieve this, learning French is the most important part because French is fundamental to all things in France.

I studied French in my university 5 years ago as a second language but the only thing I learned in the class was that French was a very complicated language. Now I am struggling with that complicated language everyday. Right now communicating in French is still difficult for me. I know I need to keep trying and work hard in order to achieve my goal.

3. Host family
It is my first experience to live away from home so I was afraid I would be homesick, But I have been very lucky. From the first day I arrived in Amboise, I’ve been a member of the Solek family. Fortunately they are familiar with Vulcanus students and have helped me to manage bank account and things like that smoothly. I am surprised to be feeling as happy and comfortable (and not as homesick) as I am right now.

4. Leisure activities
I am planning to visit as many racing events as possible during this long stay in Europe. Last weekend I visited “Monaco Grand Prix” and next month I’ll go to “24 Heures Du Mans”. Also at the end of this year I am going to visit some Formula1 engineers. These are opportunities for me to learn the culture of motor racing of Europe.

5. General Impression
The first month had passed with happy days as I had experienced only the good side of France. But this month I am feeling the suffering of living abroad. In the supermarket I was suspected to be shoplifter and on the street I was scolded by someone when I was just walking. It was not normal in Japan but on second thoughts, there are proper reasons which I don’t understand. I realized that if I want to work abroad, I will have to learn to accept things like this.

Another thing I realized in this unusual surrounding is that I am timid and I don’t try to speak with other actively. It was not the a problem in Japan because I could communicate with others in a few words but now for someone who has to learn a new language quickly, it will be very serious problem because speaking a lot is the best way to improve one’s language. Now I really want to change and I am trying to speak with others more.

6. Other
I have contacted with my supervisor and we will meet early in June. As mentioned above, I realized areas in which I can develop myself and through this year I would like to grow up and develop into a strong person who could get along with every situation
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