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>> Monthly Report [January] En

1. Summary
I caught myself writing my final monthly report this time. In retrospect, this monthly report started in May last year and I have written down what I felt, what I thought honestly in it. When I was depressed, the report was full of my complaints. When I was in carnival mood the report was also in festival. In fact this monthly report has been mirror of my heart. I have written the report while facing with myself.

Though this monthly report is the last one and my training period finishes in one and a half months, I’m not feeling “the end”; moreover, I’m getting excited at next year which starts from now. My future is not clear, but my ambition is shining brightly.

2. Hosting company
It seems that my training will never finish. I cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that I need greater effort in these one and a half months. Possibly I’ll not have a moment I can make a pause but I don’t give up my achievement till the last moment of the period, I believe this experience boldly opens the way to my future.

3. Living in Versailles
Since I started to live in Versailles in August last year, little by little I’m getting “Versaillais”. In weekday I have diner or party with friends and at weekend I go sightseeing (museum, concert, shopping) to Paris. This was one of the most attractive things in my training period in France. Thanks France, Thanks all of my friends! Bizzz!!

4. General impression
Now I’m standing on “Starting grid”!! But there is no one around me; this is a race to cut open own my future. There is nothing which is fixed right now but I’m going to look for my future placement in Europe as well as in Japan next year. Tracking fixed rail is totally nothing, I have to make up own hand-made future. Maybe next year will be tougher, but after that, I’m sure my future must be more attractive!!
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