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>> Monthly Report [December] En

1. Summary
What should I write down in this monthly report?? Should I report all of my fantastic life in France? Or, should I write about my internship seriously?? But, in fact, I cannot help being in a festive mood right now since there were great numbers of super events in this month.

At the beginning of December, my family of Japan came to see me and we went on a journey for Alsace. And at the end of the month I went to England to see Formula1 engineer. Additionally, as always, I worked hard not having time to breathe in my company, I promoted friendship more around kitchen friends, I got drunk with my Vulcanus fellows on New Year's Holidays..

Dream days, like I’m under an illusion, I’m burning my life. But let me be a little bit serious, I have less than three months to go before my departure. Well, “what do I really want to do after this internship?” Now I’m really confusing about my future and I can't bring myself to write this monthly report as I don’t know what I am (but I’ll just inform you “I’m still alive”).

2. Host company
Nothing special about my training course. Now my biggest concern is not my today’s internship but future-internship at Renault. In fact at the moment I’m asking both Renault and my university to allow me to do internship also next year because it will expend my opportunity to get job in Europe. But, to be honest, it seems a little difficult because there are some contractual difficulties to get a ticket for Renault.

In fact, I would be happy if I can work for big European automobile company like Renault in the future. But I’m not willing to work there for long time; I’m strongly willing to challenge formula1. In fact I have confirmed after meeting a Formula 1 engineer in this December that I can achieve my goal “to be Formula1 enginner” in this five years after several working experience in Europe. Being formula1 engineer is still quite interesting for me despite my interesting for racing is getting changing.

But a question is “what I am going to do after being Formula1 engineer”. I’ll answer “I’m going to establish Japanese formula1 team!!” or “I’ll found my own company to do what I really want to do!!” Having looked back to my entire life (including this year) while my French life, I discovered that it is not necessarily the case that this year’s experience was the most exciting for me. When I was undergraduate student, I established a racing team in our university. I spend all of my life to enhance both our team and car as a team principal, and still now, our team and teammates are my life-time treasure. I was extremely excited back in those days. In that sense as well, I have not decided what in this two or three years I’m going to get to work on.

3. Living in Versailles
Things I discovered in my human nature in this French life are not only in term of business but also in term of personal matter. Till now, I have never concerned about my personal matter when I thought about my future. Having lived abroad, I realized the importance of people who I live with. It has been my family in Japan and it will be my future family in the future. And it is also important to satisfy both of business and personal matter. I felt keenly that I cannot live with only my enthusiastic for business but sometimes I need.. like “a cafe brake”..

4. General impression
Things I have learned here having spoken with several Japanese is that not only me, but entire people, even well-experienced people are being worried about one’s future. There would be some moments when we have to decide one’s way in entire life. We will be extremely nerves. There would not be the best way for all people. But the answer which you decide after long concern would be awesome even if the answer seems to be 15 points out of 100.

In total, in short, now I’m in the course of a change. My interesting is developing and my philosophy is also extending. I came here just for some interesting [formula1, automobile, language] not knowing what will be happened after this internship. In other words, I knew this experience would lead me to well-considered future but I had never imaged how big this experience can influence me. I mean, now, my life-time-goal is different from where it was 1 years ago. I’m feeling lucky to see myself and I want to be here little longer to see myself more.
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