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>> Greetings From Brussels

Dear someone,

How are you? I'm having fun here Brussels well!

I'v been in Brussels since last night. Finally I could manage my first long
distance voyage, but I was worried a little at train station last night as
this area is not safe.

Anyway, I am having fun here. New surrundings, new culture,,, everything is
"new" for me! But first culture shock here was that everything is rough, not
accurate, people is not so serious for everuthing(time, system). I felt the
difference a little at first but I'll get used to it soon.

I'll take two-day introduction seminar from tomorrow and move to France on
5th. When I arrive at amboise I'll give you an information again.

Please take care of yourself, Bye bye!


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>> Greeting from Amboise!!!

6 days has passed since I leaved Japan. To tell the truth, it’s my first time I go abroad so everything I’m looking and feeling is new! After I arrived in Europe, I took part in 2-day introduction course in Brussels. We 28 students learned about “European Union” (as this programme is funded by EU and Japanese government) and take a brief introduction of internship. Of course I enjoyed Brussels too! I visited several sight seen spots!


Well, I’m writing this report in my poor English reluctantly as I have a “rule” that saying I cannot use Japanese, can use only “English” and “French” here! As I mentioned before, 28 students take part in this intern programme and 8 members (“7” exactly) work in France. After the Brussels seminar, we 8 members moved to Amboise through Paris. To be honest, I was not going to make Japanese friend because it will make my study negligent but I changed my mind. Truly, they all are thinking about themselves and smart! While we were moving to Amboise by the train, we discussed and decided to make the rule. I believe I can get along with them.

Now I’m staying in Amboise. Amboise is very very small city, about 200km away south west from Paris. There are a lot of old castles in this area and “the Loire river” flows through this town so a lot of tourists visit Amboise in weekend, this city is small but very very beautiful and good-to-live city for me. Today I visited market (marchè in French). There are lot of shops there and fools, clothes, goods,,, We can get all the things cheaply, very interesting!

IMG_0713.jpg  IMG_0732.jpg  IMG_0722.jpg

The thing I realized in France first is that people are very kind and warm! Anyway, I have to introduce my host family. I’m living with the Solek family. Take a look at the picture below. The rightmost with white hair is “Jean”, the head of the Solek family, looks little hard-to-get-along but sometime he gives me some jokes; I think he is just only shy. Next madame with red hair is “Liliane”. She is very very kind! I love her! Her dishes are “très bien!!” She always gives me cares and I sometimes go out with her (She drives very well). Next two are “Cedric” and ”Elodie”, They are grand children of Jean and Liliane. They are not living with us but they frequently came to our house to have a dinner and to things like that. Cedric is 25 years old and my good friend! As we are almost same age and we have same interesting, we talk a lot, especially about soccer. Elodie is very cute and kind girl! She is the first person who gives me a “bise”. It’s normal for the French but for me, the moment she gives me a bise was XXXXX!! (how can I express this feeling!?). She always tries to talk to me. I would like to speak with her more! The leftmost is Cedric and Elodie’s mother (sorry I cannot remember her name). She also comes to our house and we play some board-games well.

IMG_0705.jpg  IMG_0692.jpg

I’m having fun living with the Solek family. My first impression of the French is that they are very kind and warm and natural. People love each other and think person as member of family. I’m given warm welcome. I think in the course of the rapid economic development, Japanese lost the most important thing. In other word, we copied American and European culture, economic and technology after World War 2 without deep understanding of what it mean. Here everything is rational and easy-to-understand. Japanese didn’t have the important time to think about our direction and style. “I really envy French and love French”. From tomorrow I start the school life of Amboise at “EUROCENTRE”. I’ll send a report later again! Bye-bye!!

Kento Fukuhara

PS. I'm sorry for my late update. This report was written by reforming an internreport for my laboratory, but next time (maybe next friday) I'll write about my daily life of Amboise. Last weekend I visited an very very interesting place. It's located next to Amboise castle. I'm very very pleased to live in Amboise because here is a place where "a genius" spent time hundreds years ago. His name is "Leonard da Vinci"

IMG_0797.jpg  IMG_0784.jpg
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>> “Château du Clos Lucé-Amboise”

First month of living-Amboise was “Atto-iuma deshita”. Now I become used to living in Amboise and I can afford to enjoy spare-time. Two weeks ago I visited “Château du Clos Lucé-Amboise”. In addition, recently I’m enjoying some sports and events. All of them are really fun for me!

“Château du Clos Lucé-Amboise” is located next to Château-Amboise. It’s one of two famous sightseeing spot of Amboise (of course the other is Château-Amboise). It’s named “château”, but looked just “House”. Léonard de Vinci was invited to live here and he invented several epoch-making inventions his later years (including airplane, bearing, etc,etc,,,). In the Clos Lucé there are a lot of objects of his inventions and some exhibitions which we can understand how he invented his inventions. I was not interested in him first, but after I visited Clos Lucé I was fascinated by his gift and effort and now I’m very very pleased to live and study in Amboise as here is a place “a genius” spent time to think in the same as me.

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